I am focused on relationship building that will help bring together our students, parents and teachers to develop joint and sustainable solutions. Though we come from diverse backgrounds with different viewpoints, this collaboration will help us remain focused on our students to ensure Wilson's tradition of excellence and status as the educational destination for families and teachers alike.

Students and Parents

Our Focus

  • Ensure an effective partnership between our students, parents and District based on shared goals and values, open communications and strong relationships.

  • Make every decision based on our student’s best interests to ensure our programs, staffing and facilities meet their academic and social needs.

  • Ensure district wide student and parental feedback is objectively and impartially reviewed by all levels to ensure our decisions are based on current and accurate information.

Our Teachers and Staff

–The Wilson Difference–

  • As a servant leader I will work to best support our teachers and staff, ensure all voices are freely and openly heard at every level, and establish communication channels that promote honesty and respect without fear of consequences.

  • Recognize the importance of our teachers and staff to our students’ success, acknowledge their contributions and celebrate those who go above and beyond.

  • Develop programs that better mentor our teachers and staff, provide for their professional development, and cultivate future educational leaders for our District family.

Board Leadership

–Our District’s Culture–

  • Our District’s culture is no accident, it needs to be deliberately and collaboratively fostered and institutionalized through strong relationships, open doors, and innovative policies and programs.

  • Relationship building begins with our presence, reaching out to all of our stakeholders through open and respectful dialog focused on keeping our District an educational destination for families and teachers alike.

  • Board leadership must deliberately cultivate this just and open culture from the top down, instilling shared values and vision to collaboratively reach sustainable solutions with all of our stakeholders.

Board Leadership

– Advocacy and Awareness –

  • Challenge the status quo if certain state and federal requirements and funding programs are jeopardizing our ability to educate all of our students effectively and equitably.

  • Advocacy and awareness begin with outreach and working aggressively and collaboratively with other stakeholders (community wide and with other Districts) and our State Legislature to ensure our voices are heard. Leadership is about working together and speaking up if things aren’t right.

The Wilson School District Infrastructure

  • Make renovation of current buildings a priority to improve the academic experience throughout our District to ensure effective learning.

  • Improve classrooms and other use areas, many built decades ago, to provide an equitable educational experience to all students regardless of school building.

  • The decision to construct a new school must be made based on accurate post-COVID enrollment projections, must provide the best educational experience and value to our students and community, and be sustainably funded.

The Wilson School District


  • Make budget decisions based on our District’s educational priorities that are sustainable and ensure responsible stewardship of our community resources.

  • Refrain from depleting “rainy day funds” (unallocated fund) and deficit spending that will ultimately threaten the long-term quality of our children’s education.

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