I was once told that “one who loves his job never works a day in their life.” I feel as though I am the luckiest person in the world. As a commercial airline pilot, I am paid to fly airplanes (Boeing 757s and widebody Boeing 767s) for a living, a dream and passion I have had since I was five years old. The older I get, the more I realize how truly fortunate I am, and how important my teachers and mentors have been to my success.

It is that deep sense of gratitude that drives my passion to serve in ways that will help ensure Wilson students will have that same opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Over the last week the Wilson Education Association (WEA) offered opportunities for Board candidates to complete a questionnaire and participate in a 20 minute interview.

As a School Board “newcomer” with different perspectives and new ideas, I am truly excited that the WEA considers me as qualified as the other candidates, incumbent or non-incumbent alike.

Thank you for that opportunity, and I look forward to continuing to build a strong and collaborative relationship with our teachers should I be elected to serve!

Here is a link to the Reading Eagle's write-up of the candidates running for the Wilson School Board.

March 11, 2021

Candidacy Announcement

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Over the next couple of years, the Wilson School District will be making decisions that will impact the long-term quality of our children’s education. Our Board will be assessing the educational impacts of a post-COVID environment, deciding on what new facilities are needed for our district, and determining how to best invest in our people. During such a pivotal period we need to ensure all stakeholder voices are heard and that our shared values and goals lead to decisions that are made in a transparent manner.

My goal as a School Board member will be to bring trusted leadership, a collaborative approach to decision making, and a passion to serve that will produce sustainable solutions to ensure our School District remains an educational destination for families and teachers alike.

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