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You may wonder, what is airline pilot leadership? It’s a forward-thinking decision-making process that pilots develop throughout their career. It's knowing what the jet will be doing in the future when you’re traveling at 5-10 miles per minute. It is understanding the implications of our decisions not 1-2 steps ahead, but 3-5 steps ahead and ensuring that the decisions being made today will not have a negative impact on the choices we have tomorrow.

As a new Board Member my role begins with relationship building, establishing trust, understanding stakeholder concerns, and most importantly intentionally fostering a positive culture. I will work to bring my passion and airline pilot leadership to the School Board, to earn your trust, and work to build relationships through collaboration.


  • Relationships must be built on trust and mutual respect.

  • Trust is part of a culture that reflects our shared values and goals and is reinforced by our transparency, presence and actions.

  • Our decisions must be made with our children’s best educational interests in mind.

As an airline pilot and former Manager of Training Programs I have experienced many leadership values and styles. Trust, collaboration and passion are the glue that produce what I believe are truly effective leaders. When decisions are made based on those core values, an open and cohesive culture is created that begins at the top and extends to stakeholders at all levels of an organization.


  • Passion is contagious.

  • Passionate leadership will attract passionate teachers who will share that passion with our students.

  • Our actions and decisions must be based on a passion to serve others to ensure Wilson remains an educational destination.

It is our passion and community values that make Wilson the district it is, and the responsibility of our leadership to bring those values together to best serve our students, teachers and parents. As a Board member I will be present in our schools as a servant leader, I will ensure all voices are heard, look at issues fairly, and make transparent decisions based on the best interests of our Wilson students.


  • Collaboration begins with relationship building and is the basis of servant leadership.

  • Collaboration must empower all stakeholders to participate in honest and open dialog.

  • Collaboration produces student focused sustainable solutions.

Our leadership must deliberately cultivate a culture of collaboration, openness and respect. Collaboration requires us to actively empower our teachers, students and parents to speak up when they see opportunities for improvement.

I believe the most difficult decisions begin with hearing what we do not necessarily want to hear. This leadership, the harder leadership, will ultimately better serve our students, teachers and parents.

As a new Board Member my role begins with relationship building, establishing trust, better understanding stakeholder concerns, and fostering a positive culture. These values will form the foundation of my decisions and how I work with all stakeholders to ensure we support our students the best we can.

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